What do you Think: Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars I think was a great game (in the multiplayer) and I really hope they do make another Halo Wars. Well theres one problem. In the end of Halo Wars, Sargeant Forge looks like he dies, and Captain Cutter with  Professor Anders are on that ship alive. Maybe make Halo Wars maybe into the future. Tell me what you guys think if there should be Halo Wars 2 or why there should not be. Post your thoughts in the comments.



  1. austin · January 28, 2010

    your right they should make another one

  2. k mace · February 24, 2010

    For sure they should make another.the great thing about RTS games is they don’t have to connect the sequels.

  3. gizmo · March 30, 2010

    Halo wars should have a second and allow one person to control the army and one person be on the ground as one of the spartins that would be cool And develup teamwork between people who hate each other so there should be a halo wars 2

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