EldersTV Weekly Update 12-29-09

Can you belive it? This is our last Weekly Update for 2009.

What’s New:

Halo Wars Page: Find out about all things that have to do about Halo Wars in that page.

Side Bar: The side bar to your right got some updates, and will make you life so much more easier looking at EldersTV

Coutdown to 2010:

There will be a post on December 31, 2009, that will talk about what happend in 2009 with new Halo releases, new map packs, and much more.

Upcoming for Updates for 2010:

EldersTV is saying good bye to 2009 and we are moving on 2010, so we will be updating the site much more. Alot more updating will happen, and more Halo posts will be added. We have a lot of exciting new stuff coming out in 2010.

Happy New Year:

From all of us here at EldersTV we would like for you to have a happy New Year.


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