EldersTV Update 9/5/09

EldersTV is going fast and we hope you guys are enjoying the site. This Weekend (9/5/09 – 9/7/09) we will be working on some updates, that should of came out yesterday. Looking further in the post for more info on this.

Site Updates:

We are updating the pages and a new page will be added called “Feedback” this page will only be up for this weekend while we are going under updates. If you have an idea to make the site better or just would like to talk to us how the site feels to you, then send us some feedback.

Video Layout:

So I thing last Tuesday there was post up saying we were under going updates. Well guess what. I was doing the update for the video layout on the pages Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST, then I was testing it and it did not work. This update will be going under work tomorrow and tonight.

Bungie Weekly Update:

Friday already! Yep and you know what that means a Bungie Weekly Update. I’m sorry for not posting about this yesterday but here’s the link to the post at bungie. Bugnie Weekly Update 9/4/09.

Halo 3 ODST:

Halo 3 ODST is coming in 20 days. When Halo 3 ODST hits 5 days you’ll see that good old countdown clock come back up on the site! Get ready. Halo 3 ODST Drops on September 22, 2009.


PAX is here again in the city of Seattle, home to Bungie. Once again you can get your hands on the game Halo 3 ODST before in launches.

Well thats all for this update. Keep coming back for updates about PAX and any other Halo news, updates, and videos.



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