Halo Movie

Rumors have been going around about the Halo Movie. While looking around the web and doing some research, that Microsoft said something that makes me thing are they ever going to get this movie done! Microsoft wrote “the movie is on hold until other Halo projects are finished.” On hold! Halo 3 ODST coming out in September, then we got Halo Reach in 2010. What if Bungie decides hey let’s make another Halo game. The Halo Movie will probably come out, but not in the next 1 or 2 years. while looking at www.halothemovie.org they said “I know you guys are excited to see a Halo movie get made, but there have been a LOT of possible producers, writers and directors “in talks” about making the movie. And so far none of them have panned out. So it looks like were back to square one.” They also said one more thing “I actually hope Spielberg doesn’t produce it after seeing Indy4.”

Anything could happen but don’t thing it’ll come out any time soon.

For all information about the Halo Movie go to http://www.halothemovie.org/



  1. matthewceo · September 5, 2009


    ^ No more Halo games, so we should be set for that 2012 release. Especially if they start in 2010.

    Personally I hope they do go through with making it, and there’s nothing wrong with Spielberg.


    • elderstv · September 5, 2009

      This may be ture, but remember Bungie said “After Halo 3 that is are last game”. Well look now they are coming out Halo 3 ODST, then Halo Reach. Also its not going to take 2 years to make a movie. Who knows Halo Reach may not come out until fall of 2010 and we would be mounths away from 2011. All im trying to say is that, I would love to have a Halo Movie. I jsut dont thing is going to come out in 2 years.

      Thank you Matt, and great website!

  2. Anonymous · January 7, 2010

    Well I don ot knweo>I AM GONNA SEE IT!

  3. Emery · March 16, 2010

    i actually hope they DON’T make a movie that’ll ruin the whole halo series TRUST ME.

    just keep making games bungie no need for hollywood the make EVERYTHING suck.

  4. Emery · March 16, 2010

    oh they is ment before make sorry typo =)

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  6. billy · May 4, 2010

    i think the halo movie will make more money than any other movie that has come out but i would rather whait because who knows what the graphics will be like in years to come. bungie should help fund the film as they have made so much money off the game.

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