EldersTV Update 8/29/09

We here at EldersTV would like to thank you guys! We are are getting some good stats back of how many people are viewing the website! We are in the 300 and the site has only been up for 3 to 4 days. We will keep giving the best news and information. Any way lets get started!

Site Updates

If you have seen the theme of the website change, then your not blind! We have been changing it to make the best fit and feel of the website. The one you see now is the main one and is going to stay up there, until we need to upgrade.

A new button has been added called Submit News. You now can Submit Halo news to us here at EldersTV.

Video System:

We are working on getting a video system up and running for the pages Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST. This will be taking place in September. More information will be added next week.

Bungie Weekly Update 8/28/09:

It is up go see it at Bungie. Also we are working on getting posts up for the Bungie Weekly Updates on the site. We are not going to post them in a post on front of the site, that would just be a big post.

Have Any Questions, Comments, Feedback:

Yea finally we got a Contact Us page up!

See Ya:

If we get any news about any Halo game you’ll find it here this weekend!



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